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Windows Thread, raid 0 disk 2 no longer a raid member in Technical; this is a personal technical issue so apologies if its out of line few nights ago on my home pc ...
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    raid 0 disk 2 no longer a raid member

    this is a personal technical issue so apologies if its out of line

    few nights ago on my home pc i was playing a quick game of counter strike source then i got a blue screen crash folllowed by an error during the mem dump at about 65%

    my pc never booted up again. It took a few restarts for me to notice my marvel onboard sata rom reported my raid was offline and members was showing 0,?

    i tried swapping the drives around by switching the cables to each drive to see if this changes the member indication which it did showing ?,4

    so that concludes that the 2nd disk in my 2 disk raid 0 has become a stranger to the controller. it just appears as a free usable disk but the data still exists on the drive. Unless I'm completely wrong i believe with the correct knowledge and software it might be possible to correct this meta data. the data on this raid isn't important as it just contain a recent win 7 partition and a games partition which is about 90Gb worth of steam games.
    so it would be convenient to fix this but ultimately i can format if have no joy.

    The other reason I intend to fix is it's a learning opportunity for me to attempt something before taking the easy route

    thanks in advanced

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    You may be able to re-associate the missing disk with the array, but typically with a RAID1 or RAID5 setup, the array would rebuild itself. There's a high probability that all your data is lost as you've used a RAID0 setup.

    I don't think there's a massive gain in speed running a RAID0 setup. If you're after speed, a single SSD disk gives much better performance - especially for games.

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