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Windows Thread, WSUS Issue....am i going crazy??? in Technical; Long story short.....i've ust setup a new WSUS server. All the computers have checked in, 40 out of the 47 ...
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    WSUS Issue....am i going crazy???

    Long story short.....i've ust setup a new WSUS server. All the computers have checked in, 40 out of the 47 are showing yellow in the main pie chart, the other 7 are green. No problem there. However, when i've configured WSUS to boot out the updates....it just wont!

    Would any of you be kind enough to print screen your WSUS settings in the Computer Settings\Admin Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update GPO (the full screen of that GPO would be nice) and add it to this thread, or e mail me it? This is just to see if i've missed off something stupid. I've used WSUS with great success in the past, so i sut can't figure out what i might be doing wrong. The computers are all online and ready to go, i can ping them etc, and Windows Firewall is turned off. Strange one.

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    It suggests that something isn't approved that should be... it's easy to miss something in the approvals that will trigger the rest.

    Have you looked at one of your 'yellow' machines to see which updates are outstanding and whether they are approved for that PC... the italics are because, in the newer versions of WSUS, where I get caught out most often is approvals. Approving the top level does not always cascade down to all groups, so you end up with something like 3/9 groups approved and those that refuse to update will be in the one of the remaining 6/9.

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    Check the window update log on the clients, this will usually give you a good idea of what is going on.

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    Here are my WSUS settings for your reference.

    If you've literally just setup WSUS, the probability is that it's still downloading updates. You can tell by looking at the starting page of WSUS, as typically it could be 15GB+ depending on your selection and internet connection speed.

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