We are migrating to ISA 2004 from 2000, currently we have 2 ISA 2000 servers and 1 ISA 2004 server. The business has a split DNS, with internal DNS servers forwarding to the two ISA 2000 servers. This is a little unusual because the ISA 2000 servers are not caching-only, they contain host (etc.) records that point to services on the network (via the ISA 2000 servers external IPs). The ISA DNS servers perform recursive lookups for the internal DNS servers.

I've successfully published RDP and other network services through ISA 2004, but I can't seem to publish any of our IIS-based websites (I haven't tried the apache one yet).

Using a combo of Ethereal and ISA 2004's monitoring I think I've established that no traffic is received by the web listener - DNS queries for the website point to the ISA 2004 external IP & the server can reslove internal and external DNS via the command line, (plus other external to internal rules work) so I don't think DNS is the problem.

I'm running Server 2003 R2 SP1 and ISA 2004 SP 2. The web publishing rule is set up to send the original host header to IIS via the webserver's FQDN, listening on port 80, external network, all users, with integrated authentication at the listener. I've also tried it with no authentication at all....

The site is available internally, but its "page cannot be displayed" externally...
Anyone see what I'm missing?