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Windows Thread, using owa for mailto in Technical; Is it possiblt to get a mailto link to open in owa (bearing in mind the exchange server is at ...
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    using owa for mailto

    Is it possiblt to get a mailto link to open in owa (bearing in mind the exchange server is at the lea isp so i can do 0 to it). Ive been asked a few times recently why outlook express pops up and does nothing when people click links on webpages (and i know and you know you can usually copy and past the address). Ive seena few bits using google but best ive managed to do is make it open up my inbox on clicking a mailto link (slightly better than outlook express starting but not much lol) i think its owa 2007 if it makes any odds url ive been trying is https://owa.lea.net/owa

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    Try this, it should do what you are after:

    OWA Tray Monitor

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    Just found this thread and I've been looking into something like this myself. Trying to make it easier for staff to email a particular address so I want to create a shortcut on the desktop. I've managed to find https://mail.company.com/owa/?exsvurl=1&ae=Item&a=New&t=IPM.Note which opens OWA login and then opens a new message. I was wondering if I could add anything to this to place a particular address in the To box?


    [UPDATE] Never mind. Got it - just add &to=user@domain.com to that URL.
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