Sequel 2 has been installed on all the computers in the music department. As a staff member i have full access to all the drives that make up the school network. When i log in, Sequel works perfectly on about half the computers. When the pupils log in, Sequel doesn't work properly on any of the computers, the main problem being that they cannot save their work and when they start Sequel, a messge usually pops up saying 'cannot create project directory'. I think this because the pupils are not allowed to access to the 'C Drive'. Obviously when Sequel is installed it installs to the Program Files folder on 'C Drive', but it seems like it's ability to operate is completely tied up with the C Drive - if you don't have access to C Drive, you can't save your work.

Can anyone help with finding a way round this?

We also have Cubase Essential 5 on some of the computers and that works fine for both staff and pupils.