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Windows Thread, Mandatory Profiles & certificates in Technical; Hi, We've just had SIMS in the classroom installed and we are connecting to it via Terminal services. All works ...
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    Mandatory Profiles & certificates


    We've just had SIMS in the classroom installed and we are connecting to it via Terminal services. All works fine however each time you try to connect it promts to install a certificate. I've tried recreating a new mandatory profile with this certificate installed but it doesn't work. Just continues to ask to install the certificate when I try to connect. Is there something I'm doing wrong?



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    I'm not sure if there is any version requirement for Server / Windows here, but there is a solution in place here for this.

    As you are aware, certificates are used accross windows server technology. Your domain controller does have a SOA when it comes to this, it is possible for you to add a certificate that will be validated via your own DC as valid (i.e. the dc01.yourdomain.local) and the SSH working internaly etc without the nag screens!

    If you install the certificate into you domain controlers trusted certificates, this should then propigate down the line and your clients will accept it also. I do this myself as my outlook has a fully externaly validated SSL Certificate, this attualy breaks things when exchange is referenced internaly... say "exchange.yourdomain.local" which is most likely what your outlook is pointing at. You get a "Certificate DOmain Failed" error. to get around this, you can authorise the external certificate as trusted, so when the cert does not match, it is still valid in your domain.

    Don't ask me to explain certificates as my mind turns to mush :P all i know is this works a treat!

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