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Windows Thread, Unusual groups in AD in Technical; I visited a school today and was randomly check AD and found a lot of unusual groups. There is a ...
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    Unusual groups in AD

    I visited a school today and was randomly check AD and found a lot of unusual groups. There is a group for each school entry ie; entry02 which contains all the students that started in sept 06. This group is called Entry02G but there is also a group called Entry02L which just contains Entry02G?????

    Someone told me this could be a throwback from NT4 upgraded server. TO be honest i never looked if the newer years 06 and 07 were the same as theses would have been put on while the server was 2003.

    Does anyone know of groups like this or is this something to do with a NT4 upgrade server.

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    Re: Unusual groups in AD

    Maybe the G and L suffix refer to the group scopes. Afaik, generally speaking, you'd assign permission to the domain local group, and add users to the global group (which is nested in the domain local group). Possible reasons for doing this might include the use of multiple domains, the domain functional level, or just administrative practice.

    Have a look here for group scopes: http://technet2.microsoft.com/Window....mspx?mfr=true

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    Re: Unusual groups in AD

    I have seen this when there has been a seperate admina nd curriculum network.

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    Re: Unusual groups in AD

    All I know is, my old NT server was forever putting groups inside other groups, apparently at random!

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