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Windows Thread, Exchange 2007 Query RE: Mailboxes in Technical; Hi, I was in a meeting today and someone mentioned that the mailboxes or something similar was stored at the ...
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    Exchange 2007 Query RE: Mailboxes

    I was in a meeting today and someone mentioned that the mailboxes or something similar was stored at the Local Authority.

    The Exchange Server is physically located onsite, and as far as I am aware everything is internal, and that the only thing relating to the LEA is that they hold the external IP address and have it forwarded to our Cachepilot so we can access the OWA externally.

    As my understanding we would ammend the MX DNS Record externally so that any mail from the .com site would then relay to our Cachepilot, then to the Exchange Server.

    I hope this makes sence.

    - Stu

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    Exchange can be set up across multiple servers. It's not impossible that you have a Client Access server onsite, while the Mailbox server with the actual data is offsite.

    More info: Understanding Exchange Server 2007 server roles

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    1. Check where your MX records are poiting. If they are routed to LEA external address, check your cachepilot to see what it's aceetping/
    2. Send yourself an email from external such as hotmail, google and check the headers, you can see the route it takes and will identify your exch server.
    3. What roles are installed on your Exchange server, if you have CAS/HUB/MBX then yes, you will have Exchange hosted on your site.
    4. Your Exchange server, if it's part of your AD forest, and sits in one of your AD sites, then you will have Exchange on premises.
    5. If this is the case, you will most certainly have Exchange deoplyed as you will need HUB in your site where MBX is. This is a mandortary requirement.


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