(I have STFF, but haven't found what I'm after).

I have a shiny new print server (2008R2 64bit*). As part of that, I've installed PDFCreator in server mode. Printing to a central share and tagging the filename using redmon user all works fine.

What I'd like to do is save the generated pdf in their My Documents folder because it's more secure and allows confidential stuff to be printed to PDF.

Our home shares, however, are \\servername\yeargroup$\%username%

which precludes easily using the redmon user variable (without a before/after action script that reads the generated filename and attempts to match it to a userdir)

Has anyone managed to get PDFCreator to honour %USERPROFILE%\My Documents when printing for a user at a client machine?

*if anyone could shoot Olivetti for me, I'd be grateful. Oh and Konica for versioning their 64bit and 32bit multifunction drivers differently.