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Windows Thread, Resetting all roaming profiles in Technical; At some point I'm going to take on the long and painful task of trying to sort out our file ...
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    Resetting all roaming profiles

    At some point I'm going to take on the long and painful task of trying to sort out our file server user folders, which have been a legacy issue I inherited and up until now wasn't worth messing with!

    Part of the issue is that AppData is redirected... into the folder holding the roaming profile (if anyone can see the logic in this please tell me as I can't see it!) which leads to some painful login times.

    As I see it Appdata is most likely the cause of the bloat, once we go to 7 on staff desktops the issue gets partially solved with the LocalLow folder but for now I see two choices...

    - redirect AppData to a proper redirected folder, does mean users will keep writing to the network folder in real time as they use it and need to beware of Adobe issues etc

    - leave AppData as part of the profile i.e. it'll get synced at each login \ logoff. Less load on the server while user is working but more data going backwards and fowards at logon \ logoff

    Assuming I make a choice either way the other issue is what behaviour to expect from Windows if I reset the network copy of the profile. Memories from the hazy past suggest if there's a local cached copy and the network profile is blank Windows will try and sync the old local profile to the network, even though the admin wants it to happen the other way around! Anyone able to confirm either way?

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    I'm in the same boat, stuck with desktops syncing to a folder on the users home drive, offline folders enabled with log off times exorbinate! I have found a microsoft hotfix which deploys as an MSI that clears off all roaming profiles. I have only just started testing this and be warned you need to ensure a successfull sync is done before installing it on a laptop. What I want to do is just ask users to make a VPN connection to the school when working remotley and find a way to remove roaming and offline profiles with only desktop shortcuts being copied on logon and logoff. Any ideas welcome :-)

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