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Windows Thread, GPO and Active Directory...HELP in Technical; Hi guys, I work in a special needs school was wondering about using group policies to lockdown computers so that ...
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    GPO and Active Directory...HELP

    Hi guys,

    I work in a special needs school was wondering about using group policies to lockdown computers so that only certain things can be done.We have Win2k8 Server and XP xp2 workstations. I want to keep a balance of speed for a user to logon with all policies being applied.

    Also, how I can create an already created account from .dat to .man profiles. What I mean is that I need to create a mandatory profile for x students. These students already had a profile. Let me give u how this was done:

    We have student a, his folder is in server\folder\class x\student a

    This student a folder is shared as: studenta$
    Inside Student folder we have the sort of viglen classlink layout; two folders:

    \student a\cached - where the share is like: studentaCached$
    \student a\profile

    When we map this into active directory:

    under user properties
    Profile Path = \\server\studenta$\profile
    Local Path (home folder) = \\server\studentaCached$

    So looking at this long crappy way of doing things, i want to know if a user is created and I see .dat inside profile and change it to .man...will I need to do this with everyone.

    Infact if the workstations (roaming profile) have already the details of profile, what will happen if I change it at the server end?

    thanks for all help...


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    i wrote an article a while back..it may help
    You can use it to create one .man profile for all students


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