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Windows Thread, Wireless Intel WMI Interface? in Technical; We have 3 laptop trollys and all works fine but there is one annoyance. They have Wireless On/Off Hardware switchs ...
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    Wireless Intel WMI Interface?

    We have 3 laptop trollys and all works fine but there is one annoyance. They have Wireless On/Off Hardware switchs which the kids sometimes catch or press, which as you guessed stops the kids logging on as there is no network connectoion and the kids never check to see if the light is on, just scream i cannot logon. Now when you install the drivers one option is WMI support, does that mean i can create a script to see to see if the hardware switch is on or off and then make a box appear telling the student it is off?

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    Re: Wireless Intel WMI Interface?

    Most laptops allow you to disable the wireless on/off switch in the BIOS, it's what I've done on all of my Dell laptops.

    Another options would be to check inside the driver setup program, all of my Dell intel cards are set to wait for a network connection before attempting to log in. Essentially what happens is a student turns the laptop on, puts in their login details, the computer then displays a popup saying "obtaining IP address", "authenticating" etc.

    If it finds no network it throws up an error and staff know to check the base station is plugged in properly.

    Sorry not sure about the script you mention, wouldn't it assume that the student could log in? which on most laptops wouldn't be reliable as it'd have to authenticate with the domain unless the profile was cached locally.

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