I know there has been a lot of postis regarding RIS breaking after the install of SP2. I have checked the post. authorised the WDS service to run in mixed mode and changed the setting to boot from the 'startrom.com file.

I get the PC's to get to the F12 prompt, they log in and sart imaging. A PC that took under a hours or so is now going up to 3 hours and not finishing. It seems to lock up towards the end of the re-image. I have tried several PC's 3 or 4 times. I have some brand new Dell pcs that seem toimage fine but are failing to pull the images down correctly and stop at the @XP Please Wait Screen'' if iturn them off and back on they reboot fine but then i find that the PC's have not installed all the drivers.

I have used RIS now for over 2 years and never had abit of trouble.

Any ideas?