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Windows Thread, AB Tutor Connection problems in Technical; We have been using AB Tutor about 4 years with relatively little problem. But over the past month or two ...
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    AB Tutor Connection problems

    We have been using AB Tutor about 4 years with relatively little problem. But over the past month or two we are starting to issues were the abclient service is needed to be restarted every so often on a variety of computers all running windows XP SP3 and Abclient 6.6.

    Also when we connect sometimes we get a pale blue screen and are unable to view the remote screen on some pcs.

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue if so has it been resolved in any way?

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    Check your DNS Zones especially the RDNS
    If you have issues with DNS such as duplicate entries in your RDNS this will cause ABTutor to fail (along with a load of other stuff)
    Check your DNS carefully before pointing the finger of blame to the app!

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    There IS an issue with the latest ABTutor (6.6.3).
    We have it on a number of IT suites and get similar (and worse issues)
    1. The admin computer will lose connectivity to one or more clients
    2. If any web related policy is in place prior to login then a random number of machines (1 up to 5 or 6 RANDOM computers) will have their group policies blocked so students don't get locked down desktops.
    3. Sometimes when viewing clients their screen won't appear or is black

    The second fault above is repeatable - every time, but you can't predict which computers it will affect - only ones with web blocking policies in place, though
    The network is Windows 2008 R2 domain, the clients are all XP

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