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Windows Thread, Location based drive mapping in Technical; Ok here we go, a challenge for the week! I am trying to map a drive drive in a windows ...
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    Location based drive mapping

    Ok here we go, a challenge for the week!

    I am trying to map a drive drive in a windows environment based on the users location (AD OU in fact)

    Basically we have a confidential area and I do NOT want to map the drive when say a head of year is in a classroom.

    We operate mandatory profiles which further complicated matters.

    Any suggestions gratefully received

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    Group Policy Preferences (Windows Settings > Drive Maps) with Item-level targeting enabled.

    Works with Windows XP Clients upwards, and 2003 (and upwards) based Domains.
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    Be careful about laptop users as their location wont change.

    You could set a system variable on all the machines and then based on the value of the variable decide whether to map the drive or not using an if statement.

    The way MYK-IT suggests sounds better.

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    You could use a login script on the OU that checks if the computer is/isn't a member of a specified group in AD. or depending on your computer naming convention do it by a part of the name. e.g. all our classroom computers have PRJ in the name.

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