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Windows Thread, copyright help. in Technical; I use the 'another free holiday curtsy of FAST' line personally....
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    Re: copyright help.

    I use the 'another free holiday curtsy of FAST' line personally.

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    Re: copyright help.

    I agree with Geoff we have had a FAST visit (apparently someone had told them we didn't have enough licenses for our Linux boxes?! ) and they told me that as the Network Manager I was responsible for what is done, and I will go to jail! (they also tried to sell me £12,000 worth of auditing software...lol)

    So nothing gets put on the network we don't have a license for, nothing gets copied and nothing get installed. Mean? Not really, though to "lighten" the load I am in the process of gather free open source resources like clipart, sound and video files that staff and students can use in their work.


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