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Windows Thread, Accessing Student Emails in Technical; In a previous job we used to have a access to data form which was part of our AUP. If ...
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    In a previous job we used to have a access to data form which was part of our AUP. If someone wants access to another persons data, be it because they are off sick or an investigation. They will fill out a form stating the nature of the request, this has to be signed by a member of Senior management (who then takes responsibility not you) for this and then you sign as the facilitator. This is a point I have made to my school, the head is ultimatley responsible for data security, they delegate that to IT Administrators, but the administrator is only there to act for them and they take responsibility as they have asked for it to be done and a log is kept. Its the same for unblocking websites, SLT are there to lead, let them do just that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dwhyte85 View Post
    So, you're suggesting if teacher X is assumed to be having a relationship with pupil Y and they've been communicating over e-mails... that the school should simply wait for permission from either pupil Y or teacher X to go ahead and check e-mails?

    If they don't consent, what then? Wait for the police?


    You mention 'breaking in', as I see it the school has rented the pupil an e-mail account to use based on a set of terms. It's not breaking in as such, it's checking up that was agreed to prior to the account being setup.

    If you have a landlord and they've got a clause that states 'If we think you're doing something naughty, we can enter without warning' and it's signed.... they can pretty much do that.
    No they can't. They can put as many clauses in as they want, but they are not legally enforceable.

    (They do though, the sneaky *****!)

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