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Windows Thread, Office 2010 Arrrgh!! in Technical; As MS have withdrawn the embedded OCR Tools from Office 2010 Microsoft Office Document Imaging - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ...
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    Office 2010 Arrrgh!!

    As MS have withdrawn the embedded OCR Tools from Office 2010
    Microsoft Office Document Imaging - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    I dont use OCR very often but when I did I found the built in Microsoft tool to be more than adequate...
    Why did they remove such a useful function?

    Anyway, I found this useful bit of freeware to replace it with.
    FreeOCR.net the free OCR software list for Windows - Optical character recognition software
    I even works with my full 64bit Win7 OS and Office 64bit....

    Which is more than I can say for Microsofts own Macro Embedded Licensing Documents!
    Microsofts own Word Templates for Licensing only work with 32bit versions of Word....
    When I called for technical support on this matter I was told my best solution would be to uninstall 64bit Office from my PC and install 32bit Office instead.....

    Nice one Microsoft....

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    Hmm i wonder why they decided to do that. I dont use it so i didnt notice it was gone. But i do know many people use it.

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    Balmers new direction, profits, profits, profits. They sliced the whole scanning function out of office and have axed lots of features lately.

    There is a scan and fax component that you can enable in Windows 7 that does alright but we tend to use the vendor supplied stuff now (hp).

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    We ended up usingAdobe Acrobat 9.0's built-in "Document>Scan to PDF [ocr]" function as an alternative.

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    If you scan the document/import an image into OneNote it still has the OCR built in and you can then copy & paste back in to Word.

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