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Windows Thread, duplicate entries on outlook OWA and exchange sp2 in Technical; Hi folks wondering if someone can provide me with some answers to a few questions I have on outlook web ...
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    duplicate entries on outlook OWA and exchange sp2

    Hi folks

    wondering if someone can provide me with some answers to a few questions I have on outlook web access.

    We have an exchange 2003 server and run outlook web access. we are encountering some problems with outlook web access and to resolve it, it seems we need to upgrade the service pack. Now we haven't installed the latest service pack for exchange for 2 reasons.

    1) we dont have server 2003 latest service pack installed and was thinking if we install latest pack for exchange if may require the latest pack of server 2003 for it to work correctly.
    2) if nothings broken dont attempt to do anything which could make it worse or introduce a new problem.

    The only problem is now I think we need to upgrade to the latest service pack on exchange because we are getting duplicate entries on outlook for a particular user who sync with a PDA and a way to resolve i have read is to upgrade the service pack.

    What I would like to know is I have noticed there is some software which can be brought which can remove duplicate entries.

    Does anyone know if there is some freeware software available to do this, also if anyone has done the latest service pack on exchange and encountered any problems, is there any tips anyone can give me before i do this step

    your advice is appreciated

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    Re: duplicate entries on outlook OWA and exchange sp2

    Hi, I've installed/upgraded many exchange environments and have had no problems with Exchange Server 2003 SP2. I've had it running on Windows Server 2003, SP1 and R2 with no issues. Microsoft recommend that it is run on Windows SP1 or later, but it will work on a vanilla version of the o/s.
    Hope this helps


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    Re: duplicate entries on outlook OWA and exchange sp2

    There's some known issues with OWA on exchange with only SP1 installed, it wouldn't even work properly for us without SP2. Installing SP2 on exchange is easy, and didn't create any problems for us, only took 15 minutes to install as well. it's Independant of any service packs applied to the actual server OS, as exchange 2003 will run on OS's other than server 2003.

    In my opinion it's good practice to keep your server software patched with the latest service packs and updates, they are always issued for a reason be it functionality or security, and fairly often solve all sorts of niggly problems.


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