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Windows Thread, Change of password results in profile not downloading in Technical; Hi everyone, We have had an intermittent problem for a while where if a user changes their password when prompted ...
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    Change of password results in profile not downloading

    Hi everyone,

    We have had an intermittent problem for a while where if a user changes their password when prompted at logon, their profile doesn't download and they end up with a default one. There is no error message (or event) to indicate a problem. Usually, if the user logs off and reboots the PC and logs back in it resolves the issue. But we have had some instances of staff losing their profile altogether (and all their IE favorites to boot).

    Does anyone have any experience of this problem? Logically it would seem to relate to a timing issue. When the user changes their password, it gets updated on the DC, but how quickly does this change get to the member server where the user's profile is stored? Does this change even need to get to this server?

    Our domain is still operating at Windows 2000 native mode functional level; but all our DCs are now on Windows 2008. So I am thinking that raising the functional level to either 2003 or 2008 might resolve this issue; due to more efficient ways changes to ADS get replicated/communciated.

    Any ideas? All our clients are Windows XP.



    Leeds, UK.

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    Yes, we had this problem with every new account we created. I think its an XP SP3 issue. Our network is 2003.

    To get around it this year with all the new Y7s I just modified the group policy to allow them to change their own passwords.

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