So many threads on this one, so many opinions!

We've got ours on admin set up like this (badly)

- roaming profiles going to \\fileserver\%username%\profiles
- redirected user folders going to \\fileserver\%username%
- redirected App Data going to \\fileserver\%username%\profiles
- redirected Start Menu going to \\fileserver\%username%\Profiles\Start Menu

Logon is very slow which I think is due to App Data being merged into the Profile (am I right in thinking that with the redirection as it is the redirection might as well just be off as it's landing back in the same place?!)

So choices I was thinking of...

- leave user folder as is for now
- leave Start Menu as is for now
- redirect Profiles to \\fileserver\profiles and let Windows create folders

The issue is AppData, I could redirect to \\fileserver\AppData which gets it out the profile but then might cause issues (although it will be the same or better than it is now as it's already redirected?)

If I don't redirect AppData am I right in thinking it'll just end up back in the roaming profile and we're back to where it was before?