I'm having a spot of bother with installing the above mentioned software on our curriculum computers.

The software already comes with a MSI so I did the following command:

msiexec /a d:\setup.msi
This successfully worked; however, it did not prompt me to enter in the username and the serial key.

So, I tried another method:

msiexec /a d:\setup.msi /q /norestart USERNAME="School name" SERIALNUM="0000-0000-0000-0000"
This successfully went through but when I came to testing it, by installing it manually on a test machine, it still requests a username and serial key be entered in manually.

I used WinINSTALL LE to repackage it by running the setup.exe that's located on the CD. This did not work as every time the software attempted to load it'd crash and the screen would disappear.

If any one has used and installed this software on their curriculum machines, I could do with your help!

Thanks in advance.