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Windows Thread, Manually installing sophos in Technical; Originally Posted by mattx Just think, all that just to install a AV !! Just shows what a load of ...
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    Re: Manually installing sophos

    Quote Originally Posted by mattx
    Just think, all that just to install a AV !! Just shows what a load of shit Sophos is.
    I remember installing Officescan from a web page over 4 years ago and pushing out Officescan without any problems at all.
    How anybody can sing Sophos's praises is beyond me. Cheap and shit.
    What's that saying about workmen and blaming tools :-)

    Sophos is different from other virus scanners (just as McAfee is different; Symantec is different etc etc). If you work out how to use it then (IME) it works well.

    Use the EM to push out the software is OK but it doesn't scale and (crucially) it won't install it on any new machine until you run a discovery.

    We run this command as part of a startup script if Sophos isn't installed:
    \\server\InterChk\ESXP\Setup.exe -updp "\\server\InterChk\ESXP" -user domain\sophosinstaller -pwd secretpassword -mng yes

    This makes sure that Sophos gets installed and will be managed; the user "sophosinstaller" has to have access to the network share and needs to be able to install software on machines.

    the only problem is that the computers end up in the unassigned group. You can either manually move them or just change the SQL database. (I use SQL profiler to help with things like this - turn it on, make the change with the GUI and find out what's actually happening)

    If you have an existing virus scanner then you have to remove it before Sophos will install. Sophos have a product called Lancet (I think it's free) which can do this but it failed a few times for us. If you're running McAfee then I have a script which does a brute force remove of the product including all files and registry keys which I'm happy to share.

    As a final point, I've found Sophos support to be very good.

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    Re: Manually installing sophos

    When you say that the domain password can be 'worked out' from the config on the workstations that would only apply to domain users wouldn't it not from outside the domain. I've used the domain admin and password on one setup, I'm hoping that as it's a primary school we won't have budding hackers! is there any way of changing it after installation?

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    Re: Manually installing sophos

    Well my issues seem a bit better at last, seems that the EM Library download schedule was damaged, a new one fixed that and the removal of a file to make sure it had gone.

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