im looking into getting rid of mandatory profiles for staff so i can have their laptops syncing/roaming profiles etc (so when they drop it etc all their work should be on server anyway). to get round the fact i want them still to have mandatory (or at least close) profile on suite pcs so they can demo to kids ive set up a policy (1 test pc at the moment) and using gpo loopback basically redirected everything i can to the old mandatory profile. So far so good but is it possible to do that a little bit less systemwide so apply one set of settings to staff one to pupils and one to admins (as only being able to redirect the start menu for all users of the pc means students get the staff only menu(s)

basically the only settings ive changed (apart from one preference to set the registry on 1 piece of software) is redirects to the mandatory profile and merge policy with my normal user one

at the moment the policy is set to authenticated users i tried shoving a test user in their but the policy failed