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Windows Thread, Visually Impaired Users in Technical; I'm trying to come up with a solution for 5 or 6 visually impaired students who would benefit from having ...
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    Visually Impaired Users

    I'm trying to come up with a solution for 5 or 6 visually impaired students who would benefit from having a profile or GPO attached to their user objects with a large mouse pointer with contrast, larger icons and larger text. Anyone have any suggestions on the best/easiest way to do this with mandatory profiles? These kids are in 4 different schools and each of the schools' profiles are different (the software that high school students use is different than elementary).

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    There is a piece of software called Zoomtext that we used to use at my last place. Had it installed everywhere with only the few students with access to start the program


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    the way i got round this was to create a mandatory profile with large text icons and mouse pointers etc and point any special needs pupils to that profile.

    it works great and i have also created a profile for pupils with dislexia.

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