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Windows Thread, USB Sticks in Technical; Firstly this is not hardware as it is windows being stupid. We have around 90 Viglen (yuk) PCs in the ...
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    USB Sticks

    Firstly this is not hardware as it is windows being stupid.

    We have around 90 Viglen (yuk) PCs in the school with the good old SIS chipsets which means that one usb port on the back never works with their drivers but windows always reverts back to them but that isn't the problem.

    On these machines a student plugs in a USB stick and it asks for an admin logon to install the drivers because, even though no setting are changed here, the windows default driver for usb sticks are NOT signed for XP. This is becoming bloody annoying but it doesn't happen on the batch of 30 Ergo (again yuk) machines we have. And doesn't happen with our 60 nice spec'd Dells (yay). We are greadually replacing all these Viglen's with Dells over this accademic year. But for now Why arfe the windows drivers saying they are not signed.

    Any ideas, Gaz

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    Re: USB Sticks

    Is it the same problem as here



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