We have an issue with Evolution eKeys 49 keyboards and latency. Yes I know eKeys 49 Keyboards are ancient but hey, we're not made of money. We can't just throw any old machines in and hope they work because they just don't. We have had decent results with Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer PCI soundcards. We needed low-profile sound cards that used WDM drivers. This seemed to lower latency to an acceptable level.

However I now fear that the head of music is trying to find excuses to get a new load of machines in. The software we use is largely Evolution SoundStudio 2 and Sibelius 4. The Creative Soundcards we have support ASIO 2.0 low latency drivers.

This may sound stupid but how do we know if we're using the ASIO drivers or WDM? If people here have the same software in use, then what spec are your machines?

We can't afford a Mac suite so that's out of the question.