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Windows Thread, Print Manager Plus in Technical; Hi, I have a strange issue with Print Manager Plus. We have set our printers to default to black and ...
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    Print Manager Plus


    I have a strange issue with Print Manager Plus.

    We have set our printers to default to black and white printing. (They are Kyocera Colour Laser)

    If a document is black only (ie plain black text) Print Manager Plus detects it as black and white, and charges the black and white cost as it should. the document prints in black as expected.

    If a document is colour, Print Manager Plus detects it as colour, andthe colour cost is charged, and the document prints in colour as expected.

    Here's the issue:

    If a user wishes to print a document that contains colour and black data to a printer using the black and white default (to save money, ie a web-page), Print Manager Plus still detects it as colour, and charges the colour cost. However, the document prints in black and white only.

    Has anybody come across this before? any solutions?

    Admins - please move to a different area if i have put this in the wrong place!

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    Sounds like you have a different version to the one I am using, but if I am understanding correctly, you have one logical printer (defaulting to B&W) on the server, printing to one physical device, and PMP is set to detect colour on the page and charge accordingly? This being the case, it would appear that PMP is behaving as it has been set up to, and it is the colour detection causing the issue.

    Turn off colour detection and charge users according to the printer. Set up two logical printers on the server which print to the same physical device (using different ports). One set to black and white and charged at B&W price. The other set to Auto/Colour and set to charge the colour price. Users print to the appropriate printer according to their colour needs, and are charged according to the logical printer used.

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