We have CS4 Web Premium installed site wide which includes Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro. The problem with this is that Adobe have made some kind of mistake on the activation of the suite and Acrobat is the only product that will not activate the suite. If you open up Acrobat it says CS4 is not activated yet and you should open up another program in the CS4 range such as Photoshop.

This is all well and good but as many of you know Photoshop takes ages to load and must staff decide to open up MS Publisher or something else instead and ring and ask why Acrobat keeps shutting down and asking for activation. I have looked through these forums and google and the only way around this seems to be to open another program in the CS4 range.

I thought a good work around was to install a MSI of Adobe Reader 9 which rolled out silently and I thought problem solved, but then the file association still opened up .PDF to Acrobat Pro not reader. I have tried using the GPO Folder Options to change the association class to "Adobe PDF Reader" but although this applies to the machine it still opens up in the dreaded Acrobat. I have look at the command ASSOC in cmd and it says for .pdf=AcroExch.Document and if I change the file association by clicking on a PDF and defaulting opening with Reader and restart the machine the association is kept but if I rerun the ASSOC it is still says .pdf=AcroExch.Document?

Can anyone recommend a way to change the association class so all .pdf open in Adobe Reader while keeping Acrobat installed.

Many Thanks