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Windows Thread, Integral Secure 360 not really useful in Technical; I just got some Integral Secure 360 2GB drives - they were cheap - turns out too cheap Unlike previous ...
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    Integral Secure 360 not really useful

    I just got some Integral Secure 360 2GB drives - they were cheap - turns out too cheap

    Unlike previous secure drives that basically present as say drive E: as a CD-ROM with the unlock prog and drive F: as the protected drive that isn't available until you've unlocked it, this one just has an encrypted folder that you have to access via its own interface.

    e.g if working with a document, you'd have to save it somewhere and then copy and paste it using the proprietary prog to get the file encrypted.

    So no good if using for storing/saving reports direct to pen drive

    And each one needs registering (to protect the wonderful encryption prog form being stolen!) before it can be used so that's a lovely job for me before they are handed out to the teachers

    Shame as I bought "hardware" ones to save my time

    Never mind - they'll work fine as normal ones


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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for posting this, saved our school wasting money on the cheaper models.

    I've used the Integral Crypto Drives without issues, so will be purchasing these instead.

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