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Windows Thread, Using my 3 Network internet to connect my laptop to the internet in Technical; Hi Has anyone ever managed to connect their mobile to their laptop so you can have internet access on it? ...
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    Using my 3 Network internet to connect my laptop to the internet


    Has anyone ever managed to connect their mobile to their laptop so you can have internet access on it?

    I would like to connect my laptop to the internet using my 3 Network nokia phone, this is mainly for when i am out and about?

    If you have managed to do this, how easy is it as i tried to set it up using the bluetooth connectivity but it didnt work.
    Anyone got any instructions on this?

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    Have you tried their mifi device?

    It's basically a router/wifi access point for mobile broadband and will work with up to 5 wifi devices at the same time.

    As for making your phone a modem, I think you would need the nokia pc suite installed before you can use that feature.

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    No instructions i'm afraid as I did this many moons ago, but from what I recall the Nokia PC Suite is a must and then you just run through a step by step configurator, good luck with it- mine was painfully slow.



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    I've done it with my BlackBerry. Connect the devices via Bluetooth then configure a new network connection. I recall there's a line of a script that I had to enter into the modem properties (via Device Manager) and that's specific to the mobile provider. You also need to configure the username, password and number to dial (often something like #99#).

    As Mark said though, it's painfully slow when we're all used to instantaneous pages via an ADSL or Cable connection. Watch out as the data throughput will be higher than surfing via a mobile. I have a download limit which, so far, I haven't exceeded, but I don't use my BlackBerry as a modem for my laptop very often. It's usually if I want to check that I've configured something correctly at home on my server, such as a VPN and I need a second internet connection to simulate my being away from home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by computer_expert View Post
    Have you tried their mifi device?
    I must admit that i do like the look of those!

    There was a brief article on that BBC (dumbed down TV) Click! programme and as well as the obvious benefits (multi-users etc.) they mentioned that it shows you exactly how much data you have used up (important if you are sharing the device on PAYG) and the fact that you don't have to install any special software on your PC (because it uses WiFi to connect). My 3 USB dongle comes with awful software that eats up 99% of available CPU and keeps trying to connect to China (but gets blocked by my firewall) - and yes, it is a pukka device from a 3 shop.

    Can't wait for the other networks to bring out their own MiFi(TM) type device and bring some competition into the game


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