We currently use a program called secureit 4400 badgemaker and a card printer called rio 2e.

The software is on a certain staff laptop, which he keeps being off, so I have been told to move it to another computer zo we can make cards when he is not in.

I looked at the printer and found it has a Ethernet port, so I have set that up on the print server.

The software was installed on a vista 32bit laptop before. version 6.1 SP1 is installed on that.

I have decided to install the software actually on the print server so we can get to it when he is off, and he can use it remotely.

Now the problem, I installed the software and it crashes on startup, I have tried all the versions on their site. I have also installed the latest HASP driver, if you don't know that is for a USB device that you have to have plugged in to remove the limited fuction of the program. The server has server 2008 r2 installed.

There is a version 7 of the program, not sure if that's an update of a whole new version that we have to buy. But that version does work, we can't use it has it requires activation, which we don't have the key for, will ring them tomorrow and ask what the situation is.

If it does cost, does any one know of any free software to do it with?, school may not want to pay to upgrade it.