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Windows Thread, Technet vs' Partner Program in Technical; This probably won't be too easy to answer for most of you but as a small trader I get my ...
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    Technet vs' Partner Program

    This probably won't be too easy to answer for most of you but as a small trader I get my MS licenses and software through the Partner Program subscription (about £185+VAT pa) but I'm wondering if the technet approach would be better..

    Has anyone got any experience of both and could offer an opinion on which is likely to be better?

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    Re: Technet vs' Partner Program

    I use Technet Plus - always have, I had it in my industry job.
    I asked the school if they would pay for it [ I missed a year ] and they agreed.
    I find it a valuable resource.

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    Re: Technet vs' Partner Program

    I have Technet+ at work and Partner Program for myself. The main Difference is Technet is more 1 person 1 licence where as Action Pack is 10 licences for you.

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    Re: Technet vs' Partner Program

    Also, Technet licences in theory, allow you unlimited evaluations of software. Obviously there is no way MS can ever check how long you are only evaluating, but you are supposed to purchase the proper version once you have finished the evaluation process.

    Not that anyone ever does! It's kinda like a MS "self created" loophole.

    Also, for operating systems you get 10 activations, after you exhaust these 10, I'm not sure that you can activate anymore. However, a phone call to Technet Subscriber Services and some persuation may get you another 10

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