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Windows Thread, Microsoft Access XP in Technical; Hi all, We are experiencing a variety of problems and error messages with students using MS Access XP. The most ...
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    Microsoft Access XP

    Hi all,

    We are experiencing a variety of problems and error messages with students using MS Access XP. The most frequent error is "Disk or Network Error" and a "Jet Engine" error when working within Access. These errors are occurring at seemingly random times and stages within the program. It results in Access having to be closed down and students subsequently losing any data they have entered.

    It is also occurring on seemingly random workstations for random users. Some students encounter no problems.

    I am having difficulty replicating the problem and error messages due to their inconsistency but it is making the teaching of Access extremely difficult!

    Could this be due to physical network problems. In my opinion, the servers and core switch here are VERY old and ideally need replacing. The workstations are having to travel through up to 4 or 5 10/100 switches before they reach the core and servers.

    The servers themselves are P3 1.0ghz running server 2000, and we have 3 of them. We also have approx 350 workstations of which 75 are wireless laptops.

    Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated

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    Re: Microsoft Access XP

    Im not saying for sure it is your infrastructure that is causing the access fault but you defintely need to look at redesigning the back bone. I think you are at the limit or near enough of how many switches you should be going through.

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    Re: Microsoft Access XP

    Not a solution as such ( at least not until the infra structure is rectified ) but what about getting them to stagger the copying of there work from there home drive to say a temp folder that they have permissions to on the local machine or somewhere on the local machine(s) work on it do what they need to and then to save it , copy it back to the server once done ( again in a staggered fashion ) so that there is not too much data being copied all at once to and from the servers....

    Like I said not a solution as such but it may help some what

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    Re: Microsoft Access XP

    i have been using access for years and it has caused me nothing but problems. one of the big issues is the permissions it needs to run the thing i say to people is that if the do need to use access put a copy in there my docs then copy it back when finished. a lot of errors you will find is the fact two people try to access the same databse causes big problems.

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