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Windows Thread, CC4 or Vanilla? in Technical; Vanilla for us...
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    Vanilla for us

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    There's something of a debate going on at my place about this at the moment. It's clear that we can't stick with XP and CC3 for ever. CC3 is getting frustratingly unstable for us and I don't think that it helps that every time the DCs are migrated onto new hardware, RM don't build new servers but just image them across onto new hardware. New hardware support for XP will probably only last a couple of years from here as well.

    The senior engineer in my team and I both want to move away from Community Connect but our manager would prefer to go with CC4 once we start the migration away from CC3. There are probably going to be many arguments in the next year while we try to decide!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajs View Post
    Lots of people buy machines from other OEMs (such as Stone, Dell) and have no trouble smartbuilding them onto the network. Having said that, it can be a PITA to get all the necessary drivers and this will undoubtedly become more and more difficult over time.

    If it weren't for the cost (of upgrading and, particularly for the smaller primary schools, the cost of IT support) then I'd certainly try and push a few of my schools into moving away from CC3 (whether it be to CC4 or Vanilla).
    Just to offer help for those that are on CC3 with Stone hardware - I can help with searching for drivers and automating the installation of all drivers during the build process, so you dont have to add video/sound etc. drivers afterwards. Sorry if this a little off topic, just trying to help out if anyone is stuck

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