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Windows Thread, Strange Opening & Saving Problem in Technical; We currently have 2 data centres and 120 sites. Most sites connect via a up to 8mb IPStream connection and ...
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    Strange Opening & Saving Problem

    We currently have 2 data centres and 120 sites. Most sites connect via a up to 8mb IPStream connection and the larger sites have varying levels of fibre i.e. 10mb, 20mb. One of our sites which is potentionally one of our biggest we are having a little bit of a problem with one department in opening and saving files mainly Word and Excel 2003 documents. They seem to take ages to open at times and saving fails more often than not and often takes user a few goes to do this suscessfully. They are saving to a shared drive which all others have access to and there is another part of their department working in another building with a very similar setup but on a 10 rather than 20mb connection. It gets to a point where the PC just locks up. We have varying levels of kit, all within a 4 year age range and varying different images on them. File servers have been rebooted, clusters moved, permissions checked, we are pulling out hair out. Others users access another area on the shared drive in a different part of the building and if one of the affected users works in there area its slightly better with not as many errors but still happens.

    Any ideas as we are pulling out hair out, we personally think its not server related and its more networks, both of us in our team have spent a day on site looking at this and seeing where the problem could be but are now at a loss.

    Any ideas?

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    You sometimes see lock ups when viewing a disconnected network drive/share in "My Computer" and will eventually time out and let you carry on, this could be something similar?
    Check your packet loss and ping times to the servers, DNS, map the drive via name and ip and check log files for security/authentication problems then report back anything you find please?

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