I've just installed a new Epson Ml1200 mono laser printer connected to a desktop Pc and made it available for sharing. I've then browsed to the printer from a departmental laptop and added the printer. Upon Testing the printer compalines of a communication error, The communication port is set to USB so I set it back to "dcc4505-17/he" then it fails to work on the remote PC and the local PC. it seems that any action I take on the remote Pc directly affects the local one?

Any Ideas?

P.s I've shared printers before.

I've tried installing it as a local printer and mapping a new port. (fail same issue)

Disabling the monitoring software (does kinda work but there is a 40second lag for each print) which I'm told is unacceptable.

I've turned off bi-directional printing for the printer port.

tried using the centronix connector instead of USB.

It's like the driver is unaware of the concept of printer sharing?