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Windows Thread, Upgrade XP Home to XP Pro in Technical; Something i have never done myself. I had a ICT teacher who wanted to upgrade his XP Home computer to ...
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    Upgrade XP Home to XP Pro

    Something i have never done myself. I had a ICT teacher who wanted to upgrade his XP Home computer to X Pro so he could use IIS while working on some web development stuff. He asked me if he could just do a in place upgrade and if so would it affect his currently installed software. Also would it leave all the users intact in Documents and settings?

    I have no idea as i have never done it, Would always prefer to do a fresh install and reinstall my software.

    Can this be done and if so is thee any website with a run through?

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    Re: Upgrade XP Home to XP Pro

    Yup, this is certainly possible, as long as you have an upgrade version CD. It can be done in place with an OEM or full version CD as far as I know.

    I did at home a while ago, with no adverse consequences.

    No need for a set instructions really, it's just a standard Windows install.

    Remember to run setup from within Windows, though.

    The other (and maybe simpler?) option is to install the Windows version of Apache, unless he needs specific IIS features.

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    Re: Upgrade XP Home to XP Pro

    IMHO upgrades never work as effectively as fresh installs. There is too much left lying around from the old OS.

    If poss use the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard to back up the user data and go for a fresh install.

    Far less problems long term.

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    Re: Upgrade XP Home to XP Pro

    Would it not be easier to simply use Apache? There are many easy to use packaged installers for Windows.

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