i set up RDP connections for staff on their laptops to connect to our terminal Server to use sims.

Normally i set the shortcut up to connect to the server and enter the username, tick the "allow to save credentials" box, connect enter the password save so that next time all they have to do is double click the icon and enter no username and password.

Ive used a new XP cd which has the latest version of Remote Desktop on (6.1) and it will not let me save credentials. If you enter the server name, it auto populates the username field below with the local computer name and user account and is greyed out so you cannot edit it.

This is really doing my head it, ive googled it all day and see no one else complaining and it appears everyone else on RDP 6.1 has an "allow me to save credentials box" and no greying out of the username field.

Anyone come accross this before??