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Windows Thread, OEM PNP Drivers Path XP in Technical; Hi, Does anyone have a tool to scan a directory and automatically add the sub folders to the OEM PNP ...
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    OEM PNP Drivers Path XP


    Does anyone have a tool to scan a directory and automatically add the sub folders to the OEM PNP Drivers Path Registry key? I have lots of drivers in lots of subfolders on my master image XP machine and I really don't want to go through and have the type them manually.

    Thanks in advance.

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    dir folder /b /s /ad > file.txt
    Then use excel to manipulate it into the apropriate format.

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    Microsoft have a VBScript on their TechNet website that does exactly what you want (it's called PNPPath.vbs). You will find the link to download it at the top of this page. I have also mirrored it here too.

    By the way, the OEMPnpDriversPath value is limited to 4,096 characters, so if your folder names come to more than that you will either need to shorten them or use SysPrep Driver Scanner instead. This uses the "DevicePath" registry key which has a limit of 64,000 characters.

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