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Windows Thread, Windows XP Logging on issues in Technical; Hi all, My issue is the following; When my users log onto the school network they have no issues with ...
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    Windows XP Logging on issues

    Hi all,

    My issue is the following;

    When my users log onto the school network they have no issues with loading their profiles and user configurations. Then when they shut their machines down to go home to work on the laptops at home they have been reporting logon times of 45+ minutes.

    They've reported that turning the wireless off can help with this issue and seems to load quicker.

    I have logged on with the laptop at school and logged off, taken the network cable out of the machine and turned the wireless off. I then logged on and it worked instantly. I turned the wireless on, and again, it worked instantly. I shut the machine down thinking I had sorted the issue but turned it back on and tried logging on with no network cable plugged in and the wireless turned off - it took about 30 minutes before I got fed up and turned the machine off.

    Does anyone have any ideas what the cause of this may be?


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    Do you have GPO's set that control your profiles ? if so let us know which ones so we can help. Maybe forgot to exclude the application data folder hat replicates to network profle ?


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