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Windows Thread, Silent Uninstalling/Removing AVG 8.xx over the network in Technical; For six years I have used in my company computer network product offered by Symnatec, AntiVirus Corporate version 7.5, 8.0, ...
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    Silent Uninstalling/Removing AVG 8.xx over the network

    For six years I have used in my company computer network product offered by Symnatec, AntiVirus Corporate version 7.5, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0 and finally 11.0 Enpoint Protection.
    Since late last year more than 200 stations in the network were infected with Brontok virus whose signature was not recognized at all Symantec product although it was a version dated 2005, creating big problems on infected computers, we decided not to prolong acquisition Symantec product which for us was a big disappointment and purchase another more efficient AntiVirus suite.
    So we decided to install the freeware version of AVG 8.xx product on all affected stations until the new AntiVirus suite was to be acquired
    All well and good until we purchase the new product which could not uninstall AVG product on network stations.
    About a week searching the Internet and on various forums to a solution, I created an own method for automatic silent removal by all stations AVG product that requires no user interaction.
    Since AVG does not offer support for freeware versions, we found the tool AVG8_Kleaner produced by Kaspersky Lab as automatic removal of the product succeeded only problem is that network users don't have permissions to install and uninstall software on workstations.
    Because Microsoft created runas command but without the possibility writing password on the command line, I found a product file called Runasspc free developed by Robotronic that allow to specify the password, even it's encryption.
    Next I present the steps to be followed:
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