Hi all,

At some point in the past there must have been problems with a couple of computers in an IT suite and whoever sorted them seems to have used an (assumed) Volume Licence disk to reinstall windows rather then the recovery partition.

The recovery partition is still on the hard disk and after spending a couple of hours I managed to boot into it and run a restore which solved the immediate problem, however I something somewhere still isn't quite right.

While I now have a fully working computer and undoing the little tweaks manually made to get into the recovery partition, I had hoped it would restore the MBR to allow me back into the recovery partition using the key combination, but it isn't the case. The only way I can get back into it was by altering the partition table.

Anyone have any suggestions on how I could possibly get the keyboard shortcut working again? I've attempted to clone the MBR from another machine but don't know if I've got several duff utilities or it's something else which deals with the restore command.