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Windows Thread, Windows XP / Vista / 7 profile problems in Technical; Hi all, Has anyone managed to get around the problem with roaming profiles that uses a mixture of windows xp ...
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    Windows XP / Vista / 7 profile problems

    Hi all,

    Has anyone managed to get around the problem with roaming profiles that uses a mixture of windows xp / vista and 7 machines. I have yet to hear from anyone that has managed this successfully using Folder Redirection, as vista / 7 uses v2 of roaming profiles and as we know this is not compatible with xp. People that have managed it advise that it is unstable and have just upgraded the machines that a particular user will use most commonly to the same operating system to get around the problem. Would appreciate your comments as this type of solution is not really very useful to colleges and schools. Many thanks in advance


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    Hi Dan,

    Although I know that this won't be a great deal of help, we were in exactly the same position as you last September, the different profiles being used for the same user caused no end of problems for us. Unfortunately, the only way we could find to resolve it was to get our network using the same OS in the same areas (meaning our users would normally only access one OS as you've already mentioned) and as a result would only need one roaming profile. As it stands, we've actually now been able to get one OS out across the whole school and we've pretty much eradicated any problems completely (except for those staff who have laptops which won't run anything newer than XP).

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    For users that are using Windows 7 we have setup a different GPO which redirects all the new folders which you can redirect for Win 7 (there are 12 of them). Make sure you tick the box in the settings which says: "Also apply redirection policy to Win 2000, XP......"

    We then log the user on to create their redirected folder structure and V2 profile.

    When logging on to XP machines the old profile should be used automatically and the V2 profile when logging on to Win 7. Folder redirection should also work properly when using either OS.

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