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Windows Thread, group policy loopback in Technical; Can some one tell me how to use it? I have a default Pupil GPO that forbids access to the ...
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    group policy loopback

    Can some one tell me how to use it? I have a default Pupil GPO that forbids access to the D drive, I nned to change that for just 2 PCs I've placed the PCs in a nested OU and created a new GPO. I know I can add user settings to a PCs GPO I just don't know how to use the loop back policy to get it to apply the PCs GPO user settings to the pupils who log onto it?

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    You need to set this setting in a Machine Settings Policy that also has User Settings, it allows you to apply user policies to machines, this will affect all users including Domain Admins that log on to that machine.

    The "User Group Policy Loopback Processing Mode" policy works in 2 ways, the first option is "Replace" which will tell the machine to ignore all of the GPO that the user logging on has attached to their OU (and those inherited) and instead replace them with the ones specified in the machines policy. Best way to think about this method is an internet café where all users must have these settings regardless of there settings elsewhere on the network.

    The second method is "Merge" which will "try" to merge the settings specified in your machine policy with the ones applied to the user. I tend not to use the merge method but it does have its advantages, in scenarios like yours.

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    I use merge mode quite a bit for adding printers to PC's. In your case (as I understand it) in your newly created GPO set the loopbak processing to "merge" then "disable" the drive restrictions. This will mean that all other settings should be applied then it will remove your drive restrictions.

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