Ok so here is one for you fellow geeks...

We have about 50 acer laptops which if you have read some of my earlier posts, you will know that every so often they like to stop charging, stop turning on and Fail a HDD every now and again just to spice things up.

So we had 3 laptops with the PSU problem of not turning on/charging, we sent them off to acer who repaired them. We re-imaged them when we got them back (as we usually do, because they often come back with vista installed) and we were told they had replaced the Motherboard to remedy the issue. But what we found after running XP setup from sysprep. it tried to shutdown and just froze.

So being the resourceful man i am I decided to have a go at re-installing windows and all the drivers and all the programs to create a brand new base image because obviously (to me) that was the issue - the new motherboard prehaps didnt like ghost or something.

So after a day of sorting all of this out - and it shutting down fine (after installing drivers). i Ran windows update once more and it asked me to restart i clicked 'restart now'.

...and you guessed it, it froze!

So i was wondering if this has happened to anyone here or has any ideas....

Many Thanks