I'm trying to automate a number of process for schools that include automatic SIMS and FMS upgrades, automatic report imports, distribution of files and other bits and pieces using a program called CentraStage.

A number of these tasks that are actioned require the S drive to be mapped so that various exe's that are ran can access the SIMS connect.ini file in S:\SIMS.

On a number of sites, I have issues with the S drive mapping correctly. At the start of the scripts, I map the S drive with the net use command:

net use s: \\%computername%\simsarea
I then run a "Net use" command to view all network drives that are connected. In the schools I am having issues with, I see this:

Status       Local     Remote                    Network

Disconnected S:        \\SQL4287\Simsarea        Microsoft Windows Network
The command completed successfully.
The S drive says it is disconnected and any EXE's that need to access the S:\SIMS\Connect.ini won't run as they apparently cannot access the S drive.

I have tried disconnecting the S drive with net use s: /d /y and then re-connecting it again but get the same issue.

If I connect to the server and look in My Computer, the S drive is listed as a "disconnected network drive". I can double click it and access the drive with no issues but it is always listed as disconnected. If I try to manually disconnect it in windows, it says the drive is not connected so can't disconnect it. If I try to manually map it in Windows, the S is not listed indicating that it is already being used.

I really cannot think of what else to try. It's always the same handful schools that I have this problem with and am not sure whet else to try.

Any ideas?