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Windows Thread, select license in Technical; has someone got a copy of select education license text. In my latest arugment at county over who supports what ...
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    select license

    has someone got a copy of select education license text.

    In my latest arugment at county over who supports what and getting restore disks.

    They are saying they willn ot provide as it breaks there select agreement and i9 want to confirm this before going any further...


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    Re: select license

    If you are on a particular Select agreement then you have to get the copy from the supplier ... in this case County.

    And they *have* to provide you with it as this is an essential piece of documentation that may be looked at by
    a) OFSTED (tracking a student and what software is supplied by the school to target their learning)
    b) Auditors ("you spent how much on an office package?!?"
    c) Governors ("How do we know you are fully licenced and the school is not going to get fined?")
    d) M$
    e) FAST

    If they still refuse then get a letter from the Head, pointing out the above.
    And if that fails inform M$ that they are refusing ... M$ are very helpful about this ... especially if you mention that you are having to move to open source alternatives to protect yourself.

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