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Windows Thread, Windows Home Server 2 "Vail" in Technical; Has anyone else been playing around with the latest pre-release of Home Server 2? I'm really enjoying it, the media ...
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    Windows Home Server 2 "Vail"

    Has anyone else been playing around with the latest pre-release of Home Server 2?

    I'm really enjoying it, the media streaming within a Silver Light app is particularly well polished for an early release.

    Never liked the original home server, did nothing for me. However the ability to stream my media library online from a couple of key clicks is fantastic.

    It even works from behind BGfL too - I see this being useful come the summer!

    Image below is a brief snapshot of it working from a remote location. Had to check it using a double terminal services session so it was very jumpy, and low res.

    For a Microsoft product based on the reputation of the first Home Server am I seriously impressed with this.

    I'll post some more screen shots when I get chance.

    Hardware wise it's running on a Core 2 Duo @ 2.20Ghz each core with 2GB RAM and 1TB HDD. Network is only 100meg, but that's all I need. It has a half decent Radeon x1950 GPU, but obviously this isn't required for the server side.
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    I quite liked the idea of the first one but didn't move away from a server 2000 domain. Maybe I'll give this a go inside a virtual box and see what happens.

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