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Windows Thread, Recycle Bin Corrupt in Technical; Anyone seen this message before? (FILE ATTACHED) We have had it for a while and I can't seem to pinpoint ...
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    Recycle Bin Corrupt

    Anyone seen this message before? (FILE ATTACHED)

    We have had it for a while and I can't seem to pinpoint the original cause.

    We have also started getting USB pens which are infected with those annoying autorun malware things... unsure if the two are related as the USB pen issue has only recently come to light.

    The pens contain an autorun.inf file which renames some of the context menu functions to things liike Browser. Examining the autorun file shows that it is trying to execute a file called autorun.exe in RECYCLER.

    Both issues have me stumped!!
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    Not to post a solution, but to say this week within 3 days I have had 4 people come to me with corrupt USB sticks with gobbledygook file names and majority of the files corrupt..

    Can anyone shed some light on what could be causing this? I took a quick safe guess that the machines these users have used did not have the May 2010 Malicious code remover update from MS, but can it be from something else?
    as Sophos isn't picking anything up..

    Oh, and this is the best program I've used to recover corrupt files and directories (mentioned on EduGeek before):

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